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posted 1 month ago

Here’s the early-morning evidence that it was going to a bright, sunshine-y day on #cordmn campus.

at Concordia College

at Concordia College

Siri Manning ‘14 delivers the response for the #cordmn Class of 2014 during commencement. (at Memorial Auditorium)

Bird’s-eye view of #cordmn commencement during the awarding of the diplomas. (at Memorial Auditorium)

The awarding of diplomas during #cordmn commencement 2014. (at Memorial Auditorium)

It’s a great day to be a new Cobber Alumni! #cordmn (at Concordia College)

Ruthie Stein ‘14 has the whole world (and the bell tower!) in the palm of her hand. #cordmn (at Campanile (Bell Tower))

Faces of the Concordia Class of 2014 during processional. #cordmn #commencement (at Concordia College)